Posted on December 15, 2021

What if dead end in your weight loss goals were actually getting you closer to your goals…….

I know that sounds crazy but hear me out for a minute and you’ll see how any diet or training plan that didn’t work is actually progress.
I know what it feels like to…
1. Jump from diet to diet, usually Slimming world to Weight watchers without seeing the scales budge 😨
2. Work yourself into complete pile of sweat in the gym week in week out without dropping inches 😤
3. Trying to run a 5K everyday without seeing or feeling a change, other than sore joints or shin splints 🙁
4. So, if you feel like you’re hitting constant dead ends trying to solve your own weight loss goals…
I understand how defeating and frustrating it feels as I have been helping men and women from the New Forest and Bournemouth lose unwanted weight for over 30 years.
There’s something I wanted to share with you today that can help you shift your mindset in what feels like an uphill health battle.
Even when it feels like you’re hitting dead ends and nothing is working…
Those “dead ends” aren’t actually dead ends.
In reality, you’re just eliminating options that aren’t going to work for you, and the quicker you can find what doesn’t work for you the better.
Finding the “wrong answer” always gets us one step closer to the “right answer”.
And when we’re dead set on finding the “right answer” any “wrong answer” feels like a setback or failure…
But we’re actually one step closer to success because we eliminated another option that won’t work and can put that energy into a different strategy.
The reality with health and fitness is that it isn’t a one size fits all approach, and your plan has to be catered to meet your specific needs.
This is why so many cookie cutter diets and training plans don’t work for people they toss in the towel before they find what works for them.
I’m not sure if this is something you’d be interested in?
But in my coaching we create a customised plan without all the guesswork so you can hit your weight loss goals…
If you know that you could use a customised plan to reach your goals in less time comment below with “progress”
And I’ll reach out via message for a quick no-pressure chat to hear more about your goals and how we can get you there quicker.

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