Posted on September 28, 2020

The best fitness routine tips in 2021

Losing weight and staying fit in 2021 can be tough. Especially when theres a pandemic going on and you have a busy working lifestyle. It can be really tough, right?

Well, thankfully our team of weight loss experts have put together a simple list of the best fitness routine tips!

Our top tips for fitness

Tip 1: Start your workout slowly

👉🏾START SLOWLY – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – and then GRADUALLY INCREASE the length and/or intensity of your workouts.


Tip 2: Dont start your workout hard

🏋🏾‍♂️🤾🏾‍♀️It can be SO TEMPTING to go hard when you first (re)start working out because you’re inspired and motivated.


Tip 3: Avoid injuries

➡ But here’s something to know! When people started working out after taking a break due to the lockdown earlier this year, doctors saw an uptick in the number of injuries!

Tip 4: Start at 50% effort

💡Recommendations: Start at 50% of what you used to do (whether it’s cardio or strength training), and very slowly build back up. Your muscles, joints, and tendons will be very grateful!


So what about you?


Have you started back up your fitness routine after COVID yet? Let me know!!





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