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The Best Weight Loss Programs in Dorset & Hampshire

At NxtGen Health Coach, we are passionate about weight loss and with that comes drive and dedication to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. We have several programs all designed for weight loss and wellbeing which we believe are the best weight loss programs in the south! Our coaches are on hand day and night to help guide you through our fantastic 12 week weight loss program.

Over the past 30 years we have quite literally transformed the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people for the better. Our lead coach Spencer Cuckney is a fitness and fat loss expert as featured in Men’s Health, the Telegraph, the Daily Mirror and former personal trainer to Premiership football manager Harry Redknapp.

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Our weight loss programs

Weight loss coaching Bournemouth

Weight Loss Program

Our signature weight loss program is designed for both men and women who are looking to lose weight easily. You will work closely with our weight loss coaches to build a tailored fitness program around your life. The weight loss program includes one to one sessions, fitness guides, nutritional planning and access to our insider weight loss Facebook group.

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Menopause Weight Loss

We help guide you through the menopause with an easy weight loss approach tailored to your needs. We understand that the menopause can make you feel less motivated and often cause weight gain. Our menopause weight loss program is designed to help you easily lose weight without long sessions in the gym.

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Health Coach Program

Our health coaches are on hand to help you with general wellbeing, diets and nutrition as well as weight loss. Our health coach program is designed to help you maintain a healthy weight and learn to eat healthier for good. Its aimed at both men and women, and includes tailored nutritional guidance and workout routines tailored to what you enjoy.

How does NxtGen Health Coach work?

Weight Loss Coach Bournemouth

Sign Up

Sign up to our weight loss program today to get started. It’s super simple to start and our affordable weight loss program has been recommended by hundreds!

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Speak to your coach

When you have signed up, you’ll get personal one-to-one sessions with our weight loss coaches. This is where your weight loss journey begins!

Weight Loss Coach Bournemouth

Lose weight in 12 weeks

By now, you are well on your way to losing weight for good. You’ll have a great weekly plan, nutritional guides and regular catch ups with your coach.

Our weight loss & health coach program has featured in

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Weight loss Program & Nutrition Plans

We have five main pillars for you to achieve success for life, you see there is no point in getting fit for 6 weeks or 12 weeks just to stop and not keep it up for life or to find that the program you are following is just not sustainable – we teach you a process that you can do for life and be healthy, lean and fit.

Our philosophy is to find a fitness and nutrition program that is customisable to you and works 100% of the time – so if your goal is to just walk then we will make that happen or if you want to do triathlon or boot camp or Crossfit no probs. For most of us to lose weight and be healthy it really is 90% nutrition and accountability and with Nxtgen health coach you have me in your corner 24/7.

This is mindset, tracking, nutrition, exercise/movement and training.

12 week guaranteed results

Our Weight Loss Success Stories

Over the years we have helped hundreds lose weight and feel more confident. Below are just a few our our amazing weight loss achievers. Watch their end result videos and just see how incredible our weight loss program is!

Abi from Bournemouth

Abi from Bournemouth enrolled on our 12 week weight loss program and achieved amazing results!

Danni from Ringwood

Danni from Ringwood found the results she got great! Her goal to lose weight was hit within 12 weeks.

Mel from Bournemouth

Mel had no motivation. With our program she found it easy to achieve weight loss and felt more positive.

Claire from Bournemouth

Claire struggled to find time to lose weight. With us, she found a great routine to lose weight with.

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